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Used elite escort girl money to vishing

The British Bankers Association has launched a fraud awareness campaign today and revealed millions are unwittingly leaving themselves vulnerable to elite escort girl scammers who pose as bank staff on the phone and online.Over the past year, This is Money has highlighted a series of such frauds and our investigations have helped win back thousands for readers.Three weeks ago we ramped up our campaign and called on banks to do more to stop phone fraudsters using scams dubbed vishing. One of our main aims has been to to raise awareness among those vulnerable to telephone fraudsters posing as their bank.
Under attack: The rise of phone and online fraudsters has been well documented on This is MoneyA poll for the BBA, by YouGov, assessed customers responses to some of the common tactics used by criminals who attack over the phone, via e-mail and by text.Based on the answers, the trade association calculated millions across the country could fall foul of the most prevalent frauds.It says a worrying 8million would be vulnerable to vishing attacks, 4million might transfer money into another supposed safe account if instructed, 3million could be willing to carry out test transactions online and 1.7million would pass their bank card over to a courier on their doorstep if they carried some form of ID card.  
SIMON LAMBERT: Banks must do more to stop the phone fraudsters coming after your life savings
Lloyds Bank hands back £41k (plus interest) to couple defrauded by vishing telephone crooks
Repeat fraudster swipes £80k from accountants in another case of NatWest business account fraud
Fraudsters hijacked our phone line and then stole tens of thousands when we called the bank
This is Money has reported on a spate of vishing cases, where unwitting victims were convinced they were on the phone to their bank after being called by them and then encouraged to dial back on official numbers. But the fraudsters stay on the line and having convinced their victims they are official, they then manipulate them into emptying accounts. Once on the line to the conmen, victims are told fraud has been committed or attempted and money needs to be moved to a bogus safe account.It is only after the even that they discover that getting them to move the money to the safe account was the fraud. Now Britains retail banks, as represented by the BBA, with the support of law enforcement bodies, including the City of London Police and the National Crime Agency, have produced a leaflet and are launching an awareness drive called Know Fraud, No Fraud, in order to help people spot the difference between a legitimate call and one from a fraudster. (See box below) EIGHT THINGS YOUR BANK WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO DO, ACCORDING TO THE BBA CAMPAIGN 1. Ask for your full Pin or any online banking passwords over the phone or via email2. Send someone to your home to collect cash, bank cards or anything else3. Ask you to email or text personal or banking information4. Send an email with a link to a page which asks you to enter your online banking log-in details5. Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds to a new account or hand over cash6. Call to advise you to buy diamonds, land or other commodities7. Ask you to carry out a test transaction online8. Provide banking services through any mobile apps other than the banks official apps Anthony Browne, chief of the BBA, said: Being defrauded is a devastating experience for anyone which is why we are launching this campaign. The more people know about fraud, the less likely they are to become victims.Our Know Fraud, No Fraud campaign will help you spot some of the tactics used by scammers. Your bank would never send someone to your home to collect your cash or ask you to transfer funds to a new account.If you suspect you have become the victim of fraud please contact Action Fraud and your bank as soon as you can. Specially-trained staff will be able to advise on what to do next.In the year ending March 2014, 211,344 fraud offences were recorded in England and Wales according to the Office for National Statistics – an increase of 17 per cent compared with the previous year.In 2012, the Government fraud indicator suggested that fraud against UK individuals costs £6.1billion, based upon estimates on the scale of mass marketing fraud, identity fraud, online ticket fraud, private rental property fraud and electricity scams. The amount is likely to have risen in the years since.City of London Police Commander Steve Head, who is the Police National Coordinator for Economic Crime, said: Fraud and cyber-crime is costing the UK tens of billions of pounds each year, causing significant damage to big businesses, destroying smaller businesses and ruining many individual lives.Criminals are also exploiting the technological and internet revolution to target people of all ages and from all walks of life with ever more sophisticated and convincing scams, increasingly delivered directly into the home via telephone, mobiles, laptops and tablets.
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As they profit to bayan escort

Absurd board rules: Tim Martin The chairman and founder of pubs giant JD Wetherspoon has slammed the rules governing how public bayan escort companies are run as ‘absurd’, saying they allowed scandals such as the recent Tesco profit write-downs. Tim Martin told The Mail vip eskort on Sunday he wanted an overhaul of the rules on company boards, including encouraging chief executives to become chairmen, axeing escort performance-based pay and getting rid of ‘inexperienced and unstable’ board directors.‘One of the greatest absurdities of the system is that escort bayan you can comply with the rules and have only two executives on the PLC board,’ he said. ‘If they fall out, or one leaves, you only have one and if you’re unlucky you may, like Tesco, end up with none – a dangerous void.’ Martin claimed that many company problems are a result of weak boardrooms. 

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For years child porno expectations

A majority of areas in London are seeing property price falls for the first time in nearly four years after child porno a dramatic slide in the number of new house hunters in the capital, surveyors have reported.A net balance of eight escort bayan per cent of surveyors in the capital reported values falling rather than rising in September. This is the first time porn the balance has been negative in London since the start of 2011, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said.This turning escort point spells the end of the longest sustained period of price growth in the capital ever recorded by the Rics housing market survey.
London crash: The graph above shows how new buyer enquiries in the capital have fallen drasticallyWhilst the picture for prices turned negative in London, elsewhere in the country most areas continued to report rising prices.
However, the headline price balance has shifted and across Britain a balance of 30 per cent of surveyors said house prices increased rather than decreased last month – down from 39 per cent in August.
This is the lowest reading since June 2013.Nationally, demand from potential buyers has been slipping back for three months in a row, but in London where prices had hit eye-watering levels in popular commuter areas, buyers appear to be acting with even more caution, Rics said. 
House price inflation may have peaked, warns Halifax, as it tips property slowdown
First-time buyers hit by mortgage crunch – but banks expect lending to bounce back as they cut rates
Can you find a better deal? Mortgage tables
New potential buyer interest in London has fallen for five months in a row, which is a trend not seen since April 2012.
Estate agents in Scotland reported that the housing market had ground to a halt while potential buyers
waited to see what the outcome of the referendum would be.The effects of the referendum on independence meant an overall balance of six per cent of Scottish surveyors reported a fall in the number of interested buyers last month, compared with a balance of 49 per cent of surveyors seeing increased buyer interest in August.
Property peak? Fewer surveyors say house prices are rising than falling in recent months, Rics data shows.Surveyors expect prices to rise by just 2.1 per cent across the UK for the next 12 months, but in London, where the pace of price growth has been particularly fierce this year, values are forecast to edge up by just one per cent.Rics said the fading, albeit still robust, price momentum, reflects a continued slide in new house hunters coming to market.Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist at Rics, said while the number of homes for sale generally across Britain is low, the sliding number of potential buyers means that the demand for homes is starting to match the supply of properties for sale more evenly.This more even balance is removing some of the upward pressure on house prices, particularly in London.
Mr Rubinsohn said: This is a healthy development. However, ideally, more supply should be coming onto the market, but with interest rates still at historically low levels and long-term house price expectations positive, households are not under any real economic pressure to sell.Next year, we expect the house price outlook to be far more subdued.Halifax yesterday said average property prices rose £1,100 in September. However, more homes for sale, a tighter mortgage market and the London property market easing, are set to trigger a slowdown according to the lender.Property listing website Zoopla also reported home buyer confidence fell to its lowest level in 15 months, although 88 per cent of owners still expect prices to rise in their area over the next six months.And according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, house prices will dip by 0.8 per cent next year while it predicts 2015 will be a turning point for runaway property prices.

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An a past identity porno rating

Actor Paul Harris has a credit score that is just about as good as you can get.His rating is 529, porno which is a largely meaningless number unless you consider that anything above 466 is fantastic, and the average person in porno the UK has a score of 430.The 71-year-old has never owed a penny to anyone. He has always been a saver, not a borrower. In April, he bought a semi-detached house on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and paid the £250,000 asking price in cash.
What a drag: Actor Paul Harris was refused a phone despite a good credit ratingYet this perfect pensioner has been stumped by the very credit companies that say he is an excellent customer. It left him unable to get so much as a cheap mobile phone deal, and fighting a battle to clear his otherwise unblemished good name.The saga began when Paul visited the EE phone store at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. 
Your questions answered: Tony Hazell on bills, bad credit and insurance complaints
The smart way to turn your old phone into cash when you upgrade
Can a bad borrowing history REALLY put you on the lending blacklist? Credit rating facts and fiction
Worried about your credit history? Check your report for free
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Having used a Nokia pay-as-you-go mobile for years, he had decided it was time to upgrade to an iPhone 4s. It would mean taking out a contract costing £26 a month. The EE store – as is common practice – gave him an on-the-spot credit check.He failed. Equifax, the agency which EE uses, had information that meant the store had to class him as a credit risk.‘It was incredibly embarrassing standing in the middle of a busy shop with friends being told I had a bad credit rating. I was mortified,’ says Paul.‘How can a firm I’ve never heard of before defame my character to other companies? It’s disgusting. There is no way I can have a bad credit score. I do not owe a penny of debt. I’ve always been so careful with money.’In fact, Paul had been caught out because he had moved home and, since he has no credit agreements, financial companies hadn’t registered his new address.Every bit of financial information about you is compiled by Britain’s three credit reference agencies – Equifax, Experian and Callcredit.This is a record of everywhere you have lived, every financial contract you’ve had and any missed repayments in the past six years. When you apply for credit with a company, a new energy tariff or mobile phone contract, they can check this file.
Every firm has its own system that analyses the data supplied by the credit firm along with any of its own information about you to decide whether or not you would be a good customer.And it means the credit agencies can seem unaccountable. They say that all they do is compile the information – if it’s wrong or a firm refuses you for credit because they’ve seen something on your file, then that’s not their fault. In Paul’s case the address he gave EE did not match what Equifax had on file.Had he bought his house with a mortgage, the credit file would have updated – but as he didn’t, it still listed his old one.When he returned home, Paul looked into what Equifax thought of his credit score.He searched online for the firm’s website and spent an hour filling in all his details to register for a credit report. He had to supply numerous details before his file was updated.
Mistakes on credit files are a common problem. And the smallest of errors can mean the difference between getting a mortgage or not.Last year the ombudsman saw complaints about credit reference agencies rise 20 per cent to 131.Most problems were about firms placing inaccurate information on people’s files and then not correcting it. In four in ten cases, the ombudsman finds in favour of the customer.
Customers can view a copy of their credit
report for just £2. If you want a better idea of what companies will
think of your information, you can pay extra for a credit score.James Daley, of Fairer Finance, says: ‘There are just three companies with access to everyone’s data – it is a privilege. Making it difficult for customers to access their information is an abuse of this power.‘Your information belongs to you – you own it. You can give permission to companies to use and share it, but ultimately it is yours.‘Firms should be forced to give everyone instant access to their details online free of charge.’If there is a mistake on your file, you should contact the bank or lender concerned and ask them to correct it. The firm then has 28 days to investigate. Inform the credit reference agency, too.If they refuse to alter your report, you can add a 200-word notice of correction next to the black mark explaining your side of events.You can also take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling 0800 023 4567.Equifax has agreed to refund Paul the £14.95 he paid by signing up for a one-off credit score check instead of the company’s free 30-day trial.A spokesperson for Equifax says: ‘We do not make any decisions about whether an individual should be granted credit, we only provide information to lenders.‘Mr Harris appeared not to be on the electoral roll and had not taken out any credit agreements in the past six years. He had only a store card and utility account at his previous address.‘This is why he was also unable to check his credit report online as we, too, could not verify his identity.’After Mr Harris’s record was updated, he finally managed to buy his phone – and this time the transaction went straight through.
Worried about your credit rating? Read This is Moneys guide on what your credit score reveals about you for more help 
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Cannula eskort with garnett eskorto

A man with a 17-hour erection had to have three pints of drained from his penis to relieve the problem.Jason eskort Garnett, 23, described the situation as pure agony and said he could only watch in horror as a doctor stabbed escort a cannula into the side of his manhood.He was diagnosed with a condition known as priapism – caused by a escort bayan blockage of the blood vessels that empty the penis. Doctors told him they would have to draw off blood to reduce bayan escort the pressure.Scroll down for video  
Jason Garnett, 23, could only watch in horror as a doctor stabbed a cannula into the side of his penisPrevious
How cycling can give men a third TESTICLE: Friction from the saddle can cause a painful lump to…
Woman loses four stone after getting divorced – and falls in love with her FEMALE fitness instructor…
Finally I can see my husband clearly!: Model JODIE KIDD on how TWO rounds of laser eye surgery…
Mother bitten by false widow spider has such painful sores a YEAR later she cant hug her children…
I tried putting an ice pack on it, sitting in a bath with some ice and even went for a run around the block with it tucked into my belt.While he could urinate, he admits it was quite difficult.  By late afternoon, the pain was unbearable and he got his house mate to drive him to hospital.At first, he was in hysterics, but then realised how serious it was, he said.  WHAT IS  PRIAPISM? Priapism usually affects men but in rare cases, can affect women too.The condition is where a penis or clitoris becomes engorged with blood, causing a painful, long-lasting erection.It is caused by a blockage of the blood vessels that empty the penis.Also, a number of medications can sometimes disrupt the normal workings of the nerves that help trigger an erection by widening the arteries in the penis.The nerves essentially ‘forget’ to narrow the arteries after the feelings of sexual arousal have passed, leading to priapism.Those that have been linked to priapism include anti-depressants, erectile dysfunction medication and some recreational drugs. I was in so much pain when I arrived at the desk that I cant remember exactly what I said – but I made the staff laugh, he recalled. Two hours later, a urologist arrived from another hospital to treat him. He warned me he would have to draw the blood out by stabbing the side of my penis with a cannula.At that point I thought just hurry up – it really, really, really, really hurt. The doctor drained two pints of blood – and the remainder was left to drip out onto an absorbent pad. I think in total there was about three-and-a-half pints that came out, said Mr Garnett.The urologist said he had never seen anything like it.Even after the blood had been drained, the erection remained.  It was only at 2am that the problem subsided – after 24 injections. Such was the extent of his blood loss and the effect on his blood pressure of the adrenalin injections, Mr Garnett had to spend Friday to Monday in hospital. Fortunately, he has been reassured there will be no long-term damage. But doctors cant rule out the problem occurring again. Im not worried about it, though, said Mr Garnett. The girls will love it. 
Due to the amount of blood he lost, and the effect of the adrenaline shots on his body, Mr Garnett had to stay in hospital for three nights Priapism usually affects men but in rare cases, can affect women too.The condition is where a penis or clitoris becomes engorged with blood, causing a painful, long-lasting erection.It is caused by a blockage of the blood vessels that empty the penis.A number of medications can sometimes disrupt the normal workings of the nerves that help trigger an erection by widening the arteries in the penis.The nerves essentially ‘forget’ to narrow the arteries after the feelings of sexual arousal have passed, leading to priapism.Those that have been linked to priapism include anti-depressants, erectile dysfunction medication and some recreational drugs. 
Mr Garnett was diagnosed with a condition known as priapism – where the penis becomes engorged with blood, causing a painful, long-lasting erection   

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tumiman asia which netflix love performer

Adam Sandler is seen on stage at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010, in Los Angeles. (AP tumiman.asia Photo/Matt Sayles)
Days after setting Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend as its first theatrical feature, Netflix has set a kawaiipuradab.asia quartet of films that will star Adam Sandler, who’ll produce the features under his Happy Madison banner that will bypass guccipradaonsale.asia theaters and be made available directly to Netflix subscribers in 50 countries.
The major theatrical chains responded to the deal for kouhyoukuroeb.asia Crouching Tiger by saying they would not show the film, which will also play IMAX screens. As studios and theaters fight over closing the windows between theatrical and home entertainment to make films more like the user friendly programming in television, it was inevitable that a disruptive upstart like Netflix would start making features. If stars like Sandler sign up to headline them, this protesting from theater chains will soon be like theater owners arguing they are hanging on to the horse drawn cart business while others are going with cars. This deal is an important next step. While Sandler has made his share of underperforming movies like the recently released Blended, he is certainly a branded performer.ADVERTISEMENTADVERTISEMENT
He is quite good in The Cobbler, the Thomas McCarthy-directed film that premiered at Toronto. It has been the Happy Madison produced films that underwhelmed, but it is possible though that a new platform will benefit him. Sandler’s film have long been hot rental titles for Netflix, according to the company.
People love Adams films on Netflix and often watch them again and again,” said Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. “His appeal spans across viewers of all ages — everybody has a favorite movie, everyone has a favorite line — not just in the US but all over the world.

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Lost instructor one

Dan Davidson was nicknamed the fat one during his party years when he would knock back a bottle of vodka in a weekend.The 26-year-old joiner would easily consume 6,000 calories in a day, while eating nothing but fast food and his weight shot up to 17st.He knew things had to change when he went on holiday to Majorca and was too embarrassed to take off his top when he went swimming. 
Dan Davidson from Grimsby went on a drastic fitness programme after being labelled The Fat One. He lost 24 per cent of his body fat in just a year and celebrated with a David-Beckham style underwear photoshoot To make matters worse, his girlfriend Rachel Brown, 30, was a gym instructor with a toned physique.Dan, from Grimsby, knew that the only way to match Rachels figure was by completely transforming his life.He gave up his alcohol binges and went from being overweight to a body builder in just over a year. 
People say they are fat and happy – but they arent: Tina Malone reveals post-baby body and says she plans to spend £50,000 on plastic surgery
Super slim-down! Woman who weighed 135kg uses superannuation to pay for TWO surgeries (then renews her wedding vows so she could look like a princess)
Buzz without the basis: Makers of caffeine-infused underwear forced to issue refunds after FTC rules that it DOESN’T help weight-loss
The father-of-two said: I still cannot believe how I have changed. The key for me was giving up the booze, if I was on the lash, I would be eating all of the wrong things and bingeing on fast food. I could easily get through 6,000 calories in a day and would drink a bottle of vodka over a weekend. 
Dan Davidson went from 17st to 14st with a vigorous gym routine and strict diet I was still going to the gym during this time but it was making no difference to my body shape. I had man boobs and hated the way I looked. The low point for me was when a lass pointed at me and said I was, the fat one. That was the trigger which prompted Dan to get serious about fitness.He changed his diet – swapping his favourite Coco Pops and takeaways for a high protein diet of grilled chicken and fish.
Dave combined his new diet and exercise with protein shakes to help bulk up muscle He also started taking Forza T5s – the supplements which helped Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews lose two stone to get in shape for his Mens Health magazine cover.Over the next year, Dan lost four stone – going from 17st to 13st.His vodka belly disappeared quickly as he lost six inches from his waist – down from 36in to 30in.But the biggest change was in his body fat ratio – which went down from 30 per cent to 6 per cent.After finally felt confident about his body, Dan bought a studio photoshoot where he posed in his underwear like David Beckham.
Dans body transformation means that he finally feels comfortable alongside his gym instructor girlfriend Rachel BrownHe said: I loved posing for the pictures. A few people have joked that I look like Becks in his kecks. I have worked so hard to get the body of my dreams and I dont see why I shouldnt celebrate that success. Dan said taking the supplements had really helped him to lose weight.He explained: They were the key to losing a lot of that fat including my man boobs. They really help you to burn calories more effectively by speeding up your metabolism.   DANS DIET BEFORE:  7am breakfast: Bowl of Coco pops with full fat milk 12.30pm lunch: Cheese panini with chips 3pm afternoon snack: Tea and biscuits5.30pm evening meal: Pasta bake with a chocolate mousse. 8pm further snacks: sweets   DANS DIET NOW:   7am breakfast: Scrambled eggs with six egg whites, plus 40g porridge with wholegrain oats10am: 150g turkey breast with spinach. 12.30pm lunch: chicken and sweet potato 3pm snack: 150g of skinless haddock 5.30pm evening meal – chicken breast and brown rice 7pm – Forza Lipowhey protein shake   Now Dan is knowledgeable enough to swap diet and exercise tips with girlfriend Rachel – mother of his children Noah, four, and 18-month-old Freya. He said: I have learned so much from her about diet and fitness and now we are both in great shape. I couldnt have done this without her. Forza managing director Lee Smith: It is great way to get a really buff body fast. Dans amazing body transformation shows just how Forza works.  Have YOU had a similar experience? Email us YOUR story femail@mailonline.co.uk 

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Early news tweets

(CNN) — Legendary Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, was arrested early Tuesday in Maryland on a DUI charge, according to the Maryland Transportation Authority.
Phelps, known as the Baltimore Bullet and winner of 18 Olympic gold medals, was arrested at about 1:40 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence, excessive speed and crossing double lane lines within the Fort McHenry Tunnel on I-95 in Baltimore, the authority said in a statement. He was later released.
Phelps, who returned to competitive swimming in April, said on his official Twitter account that he understands the severity of his actions.
I know these words may not mean much right now but I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down, Phelps, 29, said in a series of three tweets.
USA Swimming issued a written statement Tuesday afternoon.
The news regarding Michael Phelps and his actions are disappointing and unquestionably serious. We expect our athletes to conduct themselves responsibly in and out of the pool, the statement said.
A Maryland Transportation Authority police officer was operating a stationary radar on southbound I-395 leaving Baltimore when a white 2014 Land Rover passed traveling at 84 mph in a 45-mph zone.
The officer followed the vehicle onto northbound I-95, through the tunnel and stopped the Land Rover just beyond the tunnels toll plaza.

The 22-time Olympic medalist was identified as the driver by his drivers license and appeared to be under the influence, the statement said.

Will Michael Phelps compete in 2016?

He was unable to perform satisfactorily a series of standard field sobriety tests, the statement added. Mr. Phelps was cooperative throughout the process.
Previous run-ins with the law

Phelps rejects swimming comeback

It was not Phelps first DUI case.
In 2004, he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence in Salisbury, Maryland. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months probation. He also issued an apology after that incident.
In 2009, a photograph surfaced of Phelps allegedly smoking pot from a bong at a party.
Ill make a million mistakes in my life but as long as I never make the same mistake again, then Ive been able to learn and grow, Phelps told CNN in 2012. He also said that the incident made him realize who his real friends were.
After the bong incident, Phelps was suspended from competitive swimming for three months and one of his sponsors said it would not renew his contract
USA Swimming, the nations governing body for competitive swimming, said it was withdrawing financial support for Phelps and barring him from competition during the period of his reprimand.
Kellogg Co. said it would not renew his advertising contract.
Michaels most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg, company spokeswoman Susanne Norwitz said at the time.
At the time, Phelps admitted regrettable behavior after a British newspaper published the photograph. The tabloid News of the World showed Phelps using the bong during what it said was a November party at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.
Back in the water
In April, back in the pool for the first time since 2012, Phelps was close to his peerless best and raced to a second-place finish in the 100-meter butterfly final in front of a sold-out crowd at the Skyline Aquatic Center in Arizona.
Phelps retired after the 2012 Olympics and embarked on a year of travel and golfing, with little mention of a return to swimming.
But he sparked speculation about a potential comeback by re-entering the U.S. Anti-Doping Agencys testing program last November — which began a nine-month wait required before a swimmer can again compete.
When the question of a return to Olympic action arose — with a potential fifth games in Brazil in 2016 — Phelps would only say he is taking one step at a time.
In August, he won five medals at his first international meet — the Pan Pacific Championships — since the Olympics. Phelps won the 100-meter butterfly and was on Team USAs winning 800-meter and 400-meter medley relay teams. He took silver in the 200 individual medley and 400-meter freestyle relay. He was selected as the United States Olympic Committees male athlete of the month.
Amanda Bynes arrested on DUI charge

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Of supporting got fıfa

Follow us at #Pallotta: "Our position on the president of the FIGC is clear: we think Tavecchio's comments are embarrassing" #RomaUSA— AS Roma (@OfficialASRoma) July 29, 2014
To have someone who has said the sort of things that hes said, said them in the way hes said them, to become a president of one of the top five footballing countries in Europe really is going to be quite a big shock.
Tavecchio has been president of the Italian amateur football federation for more than a decade and has apologized twice since he made the remarks.
But he retains support from big clubs like AC Milan and is thought to be winning the battle with his rival for the presidency, former Italy midfielder Demetrio Albertini.
#Pallotta: "Tavecchio does not represent Italy or Roma: I am surprised that there are clubs who are still supporting him" #RomaUSA— AS Roma (@OfficialASRoma) July 29, 2014
Although his comments are not enough for FIFA or its European counterpart UEFA to block his bid, Powar thinks they may act if he is elected.
I imagine if he gets elected in two weeks time that FIFA and UEFA will start to lobby against him, Powar added. Because how can he look people from African nations in eye, for example, within FIFA who he has already insulted through these words?
How can he possibly manage the national team when it has two or three black players but younger, emerging black players.
Brazil Pres: Nightmares never got so bad
World Cup fever hits India
Brazil Combines Football and Soccer
The former FIGC president Giancarlo Abete had done a great deal to tackle racism, he was very strong and put in place some very innovative measures.
I think the question is, where does this leave this very strong struggle, this real big problem that Italian football has had historically?
The FIGC said they would not be commenting when contacted by CNN but FIFA made its position clear with a statement on Tuesday morning.
It read: Media reports concerning alleged racist comments by one of the presidential candidates for the Italian FA have alerted FIFAs Task Force against racism and discrimination and its chairman Jeffrey Webb.
As such, FIFA has written a letter to the Italian FA asking it to take the appropriate steps to investigate and decide on this matter and report to FIFA.
In the letter, FIFA reminded the Italian FA that the fight against racism is a top priority for FIFA.
In 2013, the FIFA Congress unanimously passed a strong resolution on the fight against racism and discrimination, which, among other measures, reminded the member associations about their obligation to put every effort into eliminating racism and discrimination in football.
In its correspondence, FIFA also stressed that officials of the football community are expected to act as role models in the fight against racism.